App Inventorがバージョンアップ

プログラミング不要でAndroidアプリが作れるApp Inventorがバージ...

App Inventorがバージョンアップ


App Inventorがバージョンアップされました。

自分の使っているApp Inventorが最新のものになっているかは
"Build: Tue Sep 14 18:05:48 2010 (1284512748) -- 17278198"



 - Add a new 'Scrollable' property to Screens to control whether it is 
 - Improve the buggy behavior of Fill Parent 
 - Enable multiple FIll Parent components and have them share the 
 available space. 
 - Table arrangement on phone does not match arrangement in designer 
 - Tables don't expand automatically 
 - Blank cells not respected in table layout. 
 - Italic text doesn't work on the phone 
 - In Chrome, changing Alignment or FontTypeface doesn't work 
 - Uploading an asset with the same name makes it incorrectly show a 
 duplicate entry in the Media section 
 - Codeblocks can't load project if I type "$JSON" in the Screen's title 
 - Can't reload a project that has a \n in a label's text property 
 - Certain combination of colons and spaces in label text cause unexpected 
 line wraps and previewer selection errors 
 - Uploading a badly formated project zip file causes a crash report on 
 the server and the client doesn't get back a sensible error message 
 - My Projects from home page cause an exception 
 - Phone call dials only 10 digits 
 - Designer UI is too tall to height of some components to be changed 



どんどん機能が増えて、App Inventorで作れるアプリの種類が増えたらいいですね。

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